Why Android Go Apps Actually Make Sense – Lighter is Better

The Google I/O 2017 saw the launch of Android Go which is a special configuration of Android Oreo 8.1 for the low-end devices. Android Go hit a major milestone after it was released to the OEMs as Android Oreo (Go Edition). The device manufacturers can now upgrade the OS on low-end hardware without affecting the device performance.

Why Android Go?

Android smartphones are used by 2 billion users around the globe. The objective behind the launch of Android Go is capturing the next billion users, and providing them a great Android experience. The people using the low-end Android devices can access the upgraded OS and Google Go Application suite. The Android Go apps are actually launched for the users using ultra-cheap Android devices. It actually makes sense.Android Go Apps

Android Go – The Major Focus

This new initiative by Google focuses on the making a software for the devices having limited memory, CPU horsepower, and connectivity. Since most of these users will be living in the non-English nations, Google has focused on bilingualism to allow the things function in English, along with the native language of the user. The Go version of the Google apps will be radically smaller than the regular variants. They will be smaller in size but will provide the same functionality as the original app.

Android Go vs Android One

By the way, Android Go is very much different from Android One, though both are intended to enhance the quality of low-end devices. Android One is the system where Google partners with the manufacturer to decide what should go on the phone and how it should be updated. Android Go is the full release of the Android that is available from its Android Open source project. The important point to note here is that the Go edition is Google’s own product.

Google believes that Android Go is the future of Android and the first product supporting the Android Go project will be launched in India as India has more market for such a product as compared to the US. The Go edition of Android Oreo has been made available to the manufacturers and you will see a new device coming soon.

The Bottom Line

Though Android Go will bring slimmer and faster apps, there are few downsides to it as well. The data saver will not work if you are browsing a secure page or using the incognito mode on Chrome. You might find a few images look fuzzy. A few websites might not work if they are restricted to certain groups. So, Android Go has some shortcomings as well, but these can be overlooked when we eye at the benefits like smaller app size, better performance on low-end hardware, and bilingualism. We are expecting an Android Go supported device soon that might come up by the mid of this year.

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