QuickLaunch Review – An All-in-One Identity & Access Management Tool

Every one of us faces a hard time in recalling a specific URL, username, email id, or password for a third-party service especially when we are handling multiple accounts. Often, you will find yourself resetting the password for multiple accounts and storing them at some or the other place. It could be a bit challenging. If you are the one having a tough time managing your passwords or usernames, QuickLaunch can turn out to be an effective solution for you. Let’s have a brief insight about this tool.

QuickLaunch – A Detailed Knowhow

Founded in 2013 and headquartered in Chicago, QuickLaunch is a cloud-based self-service IDaaS (Identity as a Service) application integration service. It is developed to help the enterprises and institutions in building a secure connection between their apps and devices, irrespective of the integration protocol. Hundreds of organizations and educational institutions are trusting QuickLaunch to transform the identity management.QuickLaunch Cloud Software

Moreover, QuickLaunch integrates all the backend applications and enables smooth access to users from just any device by providing the single sign-on for different applications. It breaks the application silos, data silos, and user silos, and paves the way for an effectual application landscape that is easy-to-access for the users and effective for the IT teams to manage.

Its Single Sign-on souk comes with 2000+ pre-integrated applications, providing out-of-the-box integration and single logout support system to the enterprises enhancing the overall IT security. QuickLaunch has expanded to 20+ countries having 20million users. Its services are recommended by the top organizations and institutions of the world.

In short, QuickLaunch lets you log into your devices once and access the multiple applications without the need of re-entering the details. It totally eliminates the need for re-entering the complicated passwords and usernames again and again. The application provides a tight security that means that the chances of getting hacked are negligible.

An organization can improve the productivity and efficiency of their employees with QuickLaunch eliminating the need for remembering multiple usernames, passwords, or URLs. It is used by several IT companies, educational institutions, and government agencies. It has also been listed among the top 20 IT Security Solutions by FinancesOnline.

QuickLaunch – Key Capabilities & Services


Features Benefits

Cloud Single Sign-On

QuickLaunch Single Sign-On

·         Self Service Single Sign-On

·         In-Built App Suite

·         Powerful Reporting and Analytics

·         Role Based Access Control

·         Pay as you go Licensing

·         One-Shot Logout

·         Limit the App Usage

·         In-depth visibility to application usage and user behavior.

·         Limit and control the user access to apps.

·         Grant unified access to all the systems.

·         Increase your productivity.

·         Manage your apps.

·         Prevent the data leaks.

·         Cost-Effective solution.

Identity Provider

QuickLaunch Identity Manager

·         Federation Support

·         Directory Integration

·         Secure Authentication

·         SSO & SLO Support

·         Provisioning and Deprovisioning

·         Self-Service Admin Interface

·         Centralized Control.

·         Foolproof Security.

·         Streamlined User Experience.

·         Reduced Security Risks.

·         Supports different protocols.

·         Prevent the Data Leaks.

Password Manager

QuickLaunch Password Manager

·         Password Recovery

·         Recovery by Email/Phone

·         Expiry Notifications

·         Security Notifications

·         Insightful Reporting

·         Multiple Active Directory Support.

·         Mandatory Account Recovery.

·         Configure Password Policies.

·         Time-Based Notifications.

·         Expiry Notifications.

·         Flexible Recovery Options.

·         Customize the Welcome Note

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

QuickLaunch Multi-Factor Authentication

·         Password Manager Integration

·         Role-Based Authentication

·         Verify Users with Challenge Questions

·         Push Authentication Notifications

·         Diverse Detection Criteria

·         Fingerprint Authentication System

·         Improved Security.

·         Better Flexibility & Compliance.

·         Keeps the threats away.

Mobility SolutionsQuickLaunch Mobility Solutions

·         Branded Mobile App

·         Mobile Single Sign-On

·         200+ Pre-installed apps

·         Anytime-Anywhere access.

·         Onboarding/Offboarding Sync.

·         Seamless User Interface and Security.

Why should you be using QuickLaunch?

QuickLaunch’s mobile-first and AI-first approach for developing the products have made thousands of customers to trust its end-to-end cloud-based security solution. An enterprise gets lots of benefits after choosing the QuickLaunch services. The major advantage is it helps the employees of the enterprise to speed up access to all the applications for business and personal work, simply by eliminating the need for remembering and managing multiple usernames and passwords.

  • Its Single Sign-On feature ensures that you need not re-enter your credentials every time you login. You can access all the apps with just a click. The one-click access enhances the productivity and efficiency.
  • Its Password Manager tool lets you recover the password or username swiftly if you have forgotten it.
  • The Multi-Factor Authentication lets you set the security questions to enable faster recovery, retrieve forgotten passwords, and use password expiry & notifications for updating the passwords regularly.
  • Its Identity Provider tool enables various businesses to cater the challenges of user identification. You can provide user permissions centrally, manage user access, and set the limits too.
  • The companies or institutions can make use of QuickLaunch’s Mobility feature to offer a native mobile application to their employees helping them with secure identifications and enhanced productivity.

QuickLaunch Pricing & Plans

QuickLaunch is majorly available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, and Web-based platforms. It is one of the most cost-effective IDaaS tool available on the web. Presently, it has 5 different modules which can be purchased at different prices. The cost-summary has been mentioned alongside.QuickLaunch Pricing

However, you can definitely give it a free try for 15 days before actually going for any of its modules. All you have to do is sign-in with QuickLaunch and start accessing the desired module for free for 15 days. The best thing is that you don’t have to enter the credit card details. The Mobility module can be purchased after quoting your requirements to the company. The price will vary according to your requirements.

Over to You

Cloud is the future of the internet fraternity. A number of cloud-based tools have been launched over the web and QuickLaunch is one of them. QuickLaunch solves the major identity challenges faced by institutions/organizations by providing the most versatile identity management system. The key capabilities like Single Sign-On, MFA, Password Management, Identity Provider, and Mobility solutions enable a smooth access to its users from just any device. Get equipped with QuickLaunch services today to overcome the daunting organizational challenges.

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