Lyft vs Uber: Which Taxi Service is the Best – The Showdown Time

The taxi ride was never as easy as it is today. The introduction of the mobile applications like Uber, Lyft, Ola and many have made booking a taxi a hassle-free task. Just a few taps on your mobile device and the taxi will reach you in minutes. It’s that easy. Uber has now become an international company while Lyft is operating in the US region only. The Uber vs Lyft rivalry is benefitting the people of the US nicely.

Uber vs Lyft – The Differences

If you are confused which one can be a reliable and affordable taxi service for you, you should go through this comparison to find out the difference between Lyft and Uber. Though bought of them are performing nicely in the United States, they have their own pros and cons. So, we have compared both these taxi services briefly over here.Lyft vs Uber Comparison

Area of Service, and Working Hours

Uber has expanded its horizons to thousands of cities all across the world. It is operating in a number of countries while Lyft operates in the 250+ cities of the United States and 36 states and districts of Columbia. Uber is also banned in few cities of the United States including Austin, San Antonio, Buffalo, Texas, New York, Alabama, Alaska, Auburn, and Anchorage. Both these cab services are available 24X7, but you might have to face troubles in getting a cab if no drivers are operating in the city at night.

Both these services are on-demand and you can even book a ride in advance in few of the cities. Lyft lets you book a ride in 25 cities up to 7 days in advance while Uber allows you to book a ride up to 30 days in advance in most of the cities of its operation. Uber trip estimate for a certain distance is nearly similar to the Lyft trip estimate for the same distance.Uber and Lyft Driver and Vehicle Requirements

Lyft vs Uber Price Comparison

The major question is – ‘Is Lyft Cheaper than Uber’. The prices for booking a ride with Uber or Lyft depends on the time of the day you are booking the cabs. The rate is nearly the same. If you book the cab during the Lyft peak hours, you will find the prices hire as compared to Uber if its peak hours are not going on. However, on a general day and specific time, Lyft is a better choice to make. Though it will save you just a little money, still, money saved is the money earned.Uber Vs Lyft Fare Comparison

Service Types

Uber hires the drivers who are professionals and non-professionals and have also passed the background and driving record checks. Uber offers a variety of services that are available in different cities.

  • The UberX is the basic sedan service for up to 4 people.
  • UberXL is the SUV service for a group of up to 6 people.
  • UberSUV is the luxury SUV service for a group of 6 people.
  • UberPOOL is service for different customers who are traveling in the same direction having different starting and ending points. The customers share rides in sedan along with the fare.
  • UberBLACK provides rides with the professional drivers for up to 4 people in the black town car.
  • UberSELECT provides the stylish high-end cars with some of the top-rated drivers for special occasions for up to 4 people.
  • UberWAV provides the rides in the wheelchair or scooter accessible vehicles by the drivers who are skilled in assisting the passengers.
  • UberTAXI lets you book a yellow cab via Uber app.

Lyft or Uber follows the same requirements for hiring the drivers. Just like Uber, Lyft also offers the different type of services in different cities.

  • The Lyft provides rides in regular vehicles to 4 passengers.
  • Lyft Plus provides rides for up to 6 people in the regular vehicles.
  • Lyft Plus provides rides for 4 passengers in high-end vehicles.
  • Lyft Lux provides the premium black car service in the luxury vehicles for up to 4 people.
  • Lyft Lux SUV provides rides in the premium black SUV vehicles for up to 6 passengers.
  • Lyft Line is carpool service which matches the passengers traveling in the same route and wants to save money.Uber vs Lyft Cabs

The Culture

Lyft makes use of the furry pink mustaches on the front. It even makes use of a subtle system called ‘Amp’ on a number of vehicles in some major cities. Amp sits on the dashboard of driver and light up in a specific color so that the waiting passengers can spot the car. All the Lyft vehicles have the stickers that display the Lyft logo on the front and rear windshields.

The Uber drivers’ vehicle also displays the logo of the company on front and back windshields. Just like the Lyft’s Amp, Uber uses Beacon so that the passenger can identify the Uber cab they have booked. Both these apps have a powerful interface to help the passengers and drivers in identifying each other.

Food Delivery

Both the companies have entered into the food delivery game. UberEats was launched in the year 2014 to compete with the services like Postmates and GrubHub. By the end of December 2017, Uber announced that the service is profitable in 40+ cities out of 165 in which it operates.

Lyft launched Taco Bell in July 2017 and tested out the ‘Taco Mode’ that allows the user currently on the trip to direct the driver to the nearest Taco Bell by pressing a button on the app. If we compare Lyft vs Uber market share through food delivery app, Uber is surely above Lyft.

The Cost

If you are booking an Uber ride, it includes the base fare and a time & distance rate. These fares vary by the city and vehicle type. The surge rates during the peak hours will definitely increase the fare. The UberX is the cheapest option as compared to other Uber cars while UberSUV is the costliest option. Each vehicle type has a different base fare so that it is worth the driver’s time to pick up the customers for short rides.

The cost of the Lyft ride also varies with the vehicle type and city. The actual price is based on total miles traveled, total minutes of traveling, and the base charge for the ride. The surge is added during the peak hours that ultimately increase the price. Both Uber and Lyft passengers can get a rough estimate of the fare, well in advance before booking a ride.


The passengers of both the taxi services can pay through the smartphone app or in cash too in few countries in case of Uber). The Lyft riders can even tip their drivers through the app or even cash while in case of Uber, the riders can only tip the drivers through cash. The driver can keep the 100% tips given by the passengers. Lyft allows the passengers to split the fare through the app as long as they are riding. Uber also allows the riders to split fare through the app.

Funding and Evaluation

Lyft raised funding of $500 million in December 2017 which it received from KKR & Co., Rakuten, Canada’s Public Sector Pension Investment Board, Fidelity, Baillie Gifford and few other investors. The company was valued at $7.5 billion after receiving this amount. In January 2016 it was valued at $5.5 billion after raising $1 billion. The company had received a total amount of $4.61 billion in the seed funding held in 2008.

Uber has received too much funding since its launch in 2009 totaling to $11.56 billion. An undisclosed sum was provided to Uber in April 2017 by an investor. In the year 2017 itself, Uber received funds of $3.5 billion from 7 investors. Uber is valued at $70 billion in 2017.

Lyft vs Uber Driver Income

According to a survey held among 1000 Uber and Lyft drivers, it was found that the average weekly income of a Lyft driver is $750 while that of Uber driver is $570. If we compare Uber vs Lyft driver pay, there is a huge difference between the weekly incomes. It is better to be the Lyft driver as compared to Uber.

Lyft vs Uber Safety

When it comes to safety, both the can services are safe. But recently, we have heard a couple of incidences are taking place with passengers riding the Uber cabs. This will make you think is Lyft safe, unlike Uber? Though such incidents happen in Lyft too, still, the rate is lower when we compare it to Uber. Lyft is safer than Uber.

The Conclusion

It is very difficult to decide which cab service is best, but still, we need to come to a solution. If you are looking to board taxi using these apps, then you need to consider Uber outside the United States. Lyft doesn’t operate outside the United States. But when it comes to the safety, fare, and culture, Lyft is surely a better campaigner as compared to Uber.

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