How to make a Discord Bot & Generate a New Token: Complete Tutorial

Are you the one who has recently joined the Discord community? Looking to make your own Discord bot? Yes, you are at the right place. But before we go through the tutorial on how to make a Discord bot, it is important to throw some light on Discord and make you understand what actually a bot is? Discord is one of the most popular VoIP services that were launched for the gamers. It allowed the gamers to chat while playing the games and share their screens as well. A gamer can even create a bot using Discord.

What actually is a Bot?

A bot is an added functionality that can enhance the user experience. You can create a bot for just anything. To create a Discord bot, you need to create a Discord Bot account first. To simply the definition of a bot, a bot is a user-owned application. The Discord bot maker can help you out to create a bot within the Discord environment. Several bots can be found on its official website and a user can connect to them using a public token. But if you wish to create a personal bot, you can do it so using your bot account.

Top Notch Features of Discord Bot

  • You cannot add bots as your friends.
  • You need to use a token to access the bot.
  • The Discord bots do not accept your invites. You have to make a request using the OAuth2 system for joining the Discord server.
  • The bots are restricted to 100 guilds. You can upgrade it if the bot is requiring more guilds.
  • Bots can join different servers simultaneously.
  • A standard user can send just a few messages every minute while for the Discord Bot account it is restricted to few messages per server or a guild.

How to Make a Discord Bot- Step-by-Step Guide

To create a Discord bot, create your Discord bot account. Visit this link and follow the given tutorial to create your first Discord bot.

  1. Click ‘New Application’.How to make a Discord Bot
  2. Assign ‘Name’, ‘Picture’, and ‘Description’ to the bot. Assigning the description to the bot is not at all mandatory.How to make Discord Bot
  3. Go to ‘Create Application’ and scroll down to the next page. Find ‘Create a Bot User’ and click on it.Create a Discord Bot
  4. Click on ‘Yes, do it!’.How to Create a Discord Bot
  5. Inside ‘App Bot User’ section, find a token for the bot.Getting Token for Discord Bot
  6. To reveal the token, click on ‘Click to Reveal’.Discord Bot Token revealed
  7. Invite your bot to Discord Server. Now, replace YOUR_CLIENT_ID_HERE in the URL with Client ID from the page that is above App details. You now have to paste the link on the address bar of your browser and you will see a page looking like this.Inviting Discord Bot to Server
  8. Select server from the drop-down menu and click ‘Authorize’ button.Authorizing Discord Bot to Server
  9. You are done now. Start your bot.

Note: Avoid giving the discord bot token to an anonymous person. Also, avoid pushing it up in the public Git repo. The people can also use your bot maliciously if they get the token. It is advisable to keep the token secret. If the token is lost, you can generate new bot token.

How to Generate a New token for Discord Bot?

If you think that your Discord bot token has been compromised or has been shared with someone promoting malicious activities or is lost, you can reset the Discord bot token and generate a new token for the Discord Bot.

  • Visit the Discord App Page and go to ‘Click to Reveal’ in the ‘App Bot User’ section.
  • Click on ‘Generate a New Token’.
  • The new token will be generated.
The Last Words

A user can find the official Discord bots on its website that have been created by the renowned developers around the globe. They can even create their own bots. But after creating the bot, a user should ensure that the token doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. Go ahead and make a Discord bot.

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