Hide.Me – A Smart Way to Ditch your ISP and Surf the Web Privately

The internet technology is advancing with every passing day. Though these advancements are making the internet better, they are bringing new risks for the users. There has been a considerable increase in the number of cyber crime cases reported every year. Something needs to be done to prevent people from falling into the trap. Moreover, network security should be remodeled to prevent the hackers or spies entering the user network and stealing their confidential data. A Virtual Private Network seems to be the best solution for this problem.

But how to find a Virtual Private Network that can cater all the needs of the users efficiently. Hide.me can come to your rescue if you are looking for an affordable and trustworthy VPN provider. Let’s have a brief insight into this VPN.

Hide.Me VPN Review

About Hide.me

Hide.me is a Malaysian company that claims to provide the fastest VPN solutions around the globe. Started on November 1, 2012, it has over 1 million users now and the count is increasing continuously. It is available on multiple platforms and can be used on mobile devices as well. Unblock the restricted content and stream the blocked videos online using Hide.me.

Hide.me – Top Notch Features

Hide.me is an effective VPN solution that is trusted by millions of users around the globe. The exceptional features and affordable pricing make it the best amigo for the people looking to access the web privately. Let’s have a look at some of its brilliant features.

High-Performance Servers & Free Proxy

Hide.me’s servers can easily handle a huge traffic without throttling the speed of the connection. Each and every server is handpicked and configured ensuring better speed and quality. It has its servers in 129 locations of 30 nations. Moreover, it offers free proxy list to all the users. They can access any blocked website using a proxy.

Protocols & Security

It supports different encryption protocols including OpenVPN, L2TP, PPTP, IPsec, IKEv1, IKEv2, SoftEther, and SOCKS with up to 256-bit AES encryption. This ensures that the data transmission done on its servers remains secure.

Zero Logs Policy

As the company is located in Malaysia, so it doesn’t store any internet data from the users as Malaysia doesn’t have any legislation related to storage of internet data. So, they are not obligated to provide the data to the government authorities when asked. So, they don’t any user data on their servers.

Access Restricted Content on the Web

Hide.me also allows you to access any restricted media or website on its servers. You simply need to switch your location if some content is blocked at your location. Once you have switched to some other server, you will be able to access the restricted content.

Secure Public Wi-Fi

You simply need to install Hide.me VPN client on your device and you can connect to a public Wi-Fi network without worrying about the hackers prevailing on the public network. It will take care of them.


Hide.me is available for multiple platforms including Android, iOS, Windows, blackberry, and routers too. You can use even use it in different languages.

Setting Up Hide.me – A Complete Guide

Firstly, download the Hide.me VPN client compatible with your device. Install the downloaded file on your PC. Open the VPN client after the installation is completed.Hide.Me Account Setup

Create a free account and click on the ‘Connect’ button. You can select the desired location and connect to the server. Configure the protocols settings and get ready to browse the internet anonymously.

Pricing & Plans

Hide.me offers 3 different plans to all its users – Free, Plus, and Premium plan. The free plan is available for a lifetime with 2GB data transfer limit given every month.Hide.Me Pricing

The Upsides

  • Free for Lifetime
  • Live Chat option
  • Multilingual and Multi-platform oriented
  • 5 simultaneous connections can be established with a premium plan

The Downsides

  • You can connect to just 3 locations with its free plan.
  • Limited protocol support and 1 simultaneous connection supported in the free plan.
Over to You

Hide.me is a powerful VPN solution for the users who are more concerned about the speed of connection while browsing the web securely. Moreover, the users can use enjoy live chat support with this VPN and can access it in multiple languages. Start using Hide.me and protect your privacy online.

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