Google Play Protect – A Secure Way to Keep your Android Device Secure

Data security is one of the most serious concerns of the day. Whether you are watching your favorite movie, playing Clash of Clans, or checking your emails, you need to be confident enough about the security of your Android device. Android being an open-source operating system is more vulnerable to malware and other dangers.

The Security Measure by Google – Play Protect

Google rolled out Play Protect for every Android device last year to protect 2 billion active Android devices around the globe. Google Play Protect is a comprehensive security service to protect your Android device from malware and other security threats. The Play Protect automatically takes action against any threat to keep your device and data safe.Google Play Protect

Moreover, it detects the unusual behavior and sends you warning messages if something doesn’t seem right. According to a recent analysis, Play Protect scans 50 billion apps for unusual behavior on 1 billion Android devices every day. Now, the users can avoid using third-party applications to stay safe. Google Play Protect is there to protect them from various threats.

The search giant has worked with 350+ wireless carriers for improving the time to test the security breaches before deploying them to the users. This effort has reduced the software approval process from six to nine weeks to just a single week. Isn’t it fantastic?

Why Google Play Protect?

Play Protect not only scans the apps downloaded from Google Play, it also scans the applications downloaded from other sources. To ensure that your device, data, and apps stay safe, Play Protect works 24X7 and scans your device thoroughly. The machine learning helps Google to identify the problems before they go out of control. You will see a green checkmark if all is good on your device.

Find My Device Feature

The ‘Find My Device’ feature launched as a part of Play Protect lets you locate your device by simply signing into your Google account. You can lock your smartphone remotely or display a message on its lock screen so that if someone finds your phone, they know whom to return/contact. Moreover, the complete data on your phone can be deleted with just a click.Find my Device Feature Play Protect

You can turn off the automatic scans as per your choice. However, the results of doing this might lead you to danger if you are not using any third party app to scan your Android device regularly.

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