10 Cool Telegram Hacks you should definitely give a Try

Telegram Messenger is an instant messaging cloud-based service that was launched in August 2013 to compete with Whatsapp. It has seen an exponential growth since its launch but is way behind from Whatsapp. It is available on most of the platforms and comes with advanced security features. This is one of the reasons why it has 180 million active monthly users. A number of users are joining this app every day and if you are one of them, I have come up with some of the coolest Telegram Messenger app tricks for you.

Change Chat Background

Just like Whatsapp, Telegram allows you to change the chat background. You can opt for different backgrounds available in the Telegram app and can also choose to use the photo from your phone’s gallery as the chat background.

To change the chat background, go to the app Settings and tap on ‘Chat Background’. Now, you can choose from different backgrounds or photos available in your phone’s gallery. After making the choice, tap on the tick icon to apply the changes.Change Chat Background - Telegram

Set Username

Let your friends find you on Telegram by setting a Username. People who don’t have your number can find you using this username. You can use 0-9, a-z, and underscores in your username. Make sure that the username you choose is at least 5 characters long.

After setting the username, you will get a default link that will open the chat with you after setting the username. You can share this link with other people to join chat with you. Under the Info option, you will find Username option. Choose a unique name and tap on the tick icon to save it. The username can be changed any number of time.How to Set Username in Telegram

Pin to Top

Do you have frequent conversations with another Telegram user? No problem! The Pin to Top option lets you pin that user to the top. Just long hold on the name of the user. Three options will pop up from the bottom – Pin to Top, Clear History, and Delete. Tap on Pin to Top to take that user to the top of the message screen. That user can be unpinned as well.How to Pin Message to top in Telegram

Play In-App Games

Telegram kills your boredom by providing you access to hundreds of in-app games created by the independent developers. These games cost you nothing. Use Search to find the Game Bot. Prefix @ symbol and type Gamee. Select the Gamee bot and then tap the Start button. Once the bot is started, you can start playing the game.How to Play In-app games in Telegram

Lock your Chats

No need to use the locker apps to lock your personal messages. Telegram has an inbuilt feature to lock your chat with a passcode. For setting the passcode lock, go to the app Settings –> Privacy and Security –> Passcode Lock. Now, enable the lock and set a 4-digit passcode using numbers.How to Lock chats in Telegram

Self-Destruct or Delete the Telegram Account

Your Telegram account can be self-destructed or deleted if you are not using it for some time. This can be done by setting the away time for account deletion. Deleting your Telegram account will delete all your groups, messages, and contacts. To set the self-destruct timer for your Telegram account, go to the app Settings –> Privacy and Security and set the away time.How to Self-destruct or delete Telegram Account

Change Language

You can change the app language anytime you feel like. There are 14 different languages to choose from including English, Indonesian, Malay, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Ukrainian, Arabic, Persian, and Korean. Under the app Settings, go to Language option and choose the app language.How to Change Language in Telegram Account

Change Message Text Size

The message text size can also be changed in the Telegram app. If you have a short distance vision problem, you can increase the message text size up to 30. The minimum text size can be set as 12. So, a user can change the message text size as per convenience.

To change the message text size, go to the app Settings, move to the Messages Settings –> Messages Text Size and now change the text size from 12–30.How to Change Message Text Size in Telegram

Personalize the Notification LED Color

It is one of the coolest features of Telegram app. You can easily change the notification LED color and personalize it according to your choice. To do so, move to the app Settings –> Notifications and Sounds –> LED Color and then choose from 9 different notification LED colors. Once you have chosen the LED color, tap on SET option. This feature will only work if your smartphone has a notification LED.How to Personalize LED Notification Color in Telegram Account

Font Decoration Feature

Want to highlight specific words while having a conversation with some other Telegram users? You can highlight the words using a Bold or Italic font style. Just type the message, select the words you wish to highlight, and mark them bold or italic. It is a great way to put a special emphasis on the specific words in the conversation.How to Play with Font Decoration in Telegram

All Set to Get your Hands on These Telegram Hacks

I can say that Telegram is surely a cut-throat competitor of Whatsapp after trying my hands on these Telegram tricks. Most of these tricks surprised me and ultimately enhanced my Telegram experience. Try out these Telegram hacks today and tell me how you liked them in the comments section alongside.

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