Adcash Review- The Supreme Ad Network for Advertisers and Publishers

The internet is a vast resource that is full of information. This information is present in form of websites and blogs. But what do these websites get by providing information to the internet users? Have you ever thought about it? Most of the webmasters and bloggers make a passive income by monetizing their blogs with an ad network. It is one of the easiest ways to make decent money through a blog, but the ad network should have higher CTR/CPM rates. Many of you might be using the Google Adsense network, but its strict policies might be heart-breaking for many bloggers. This is the reason why most of them switch to some other ad network.

Adcash is one of the powerful Ad networks for bloggers and webmasters that help them to monetize the blog. It is the tailor-made ad platform got publishers as well as the advertisers. Let us go through Adcash review and learn about its intensive features.Adcash Review

Adcash – The Brief

Adcash, an Estonia based company was started in 2007 to serve the advertisers and publishers. Its ultimate aim was to grow and expand. At present, it has spread to 249 countries and regions of the world serving 200 million users every day, giving them 5.2 million conversions. Having more than 150k publishers under its tally, Adcash boasts to be the fastest growing ad networks. It has delivered the ultimate solutions to both publishers and the advertisers. Let’s have a brief look at its features for the publishers and the advertisers in Adcash review alongside.Adcash Network

What makes Adcash the best network for Advertisers?

Adcash for AdvertisersAdcash is seamlessly working to provide great conversions to the advertisers. This is the reason why a number of big names from the internet fraternity are associated with Adcash.  Here are some of the reasons that will make the advertisers work with it.

  • Easy to Use: The user-friendly dashboard makes the advertisers love this ad network. The first campaign can be started within few seconds. You can easily add and withdraw the funds from your Adcash accounts. The advertiser even gets a dedicated account manager with the advertiser account.
  • Different Ad Formats: Adcash offers a variety of ad formats including the desktop ads, video ads, and the mobile ads. The ads are compatible with just any device to enhance the reach and also the conversion rate. Moreover, the advertiser can select the ad formats for ongoing ad campaigns.
  • Hyper Granular Targeting Abilities: The ads running in your campaign are only shown to the people who might be interested in it. This ensures the higher CTR which in turn increase the conversion rate.
  • Highly Advanced Optimization: Adcash has the best set of tools that an advertiser needs to optimize the campaign according to the taste of the target audience. Different strategies can be implemented to optimize the ad campaigns.
  • Start with Low Budget: You need not spend high amounts to get started with your ad campaign at Adcash. You can start your first ad campaign by adding just $100 to your account. This doesn’t put too much strain on the advertiser’s pocket.
  • Real-Time Reporting: The stats play a vital role in the advertising. You can get the real-time statistics about your currently running campaigns to check the performance. You can tweak your campaigns by checking the real-time stats through its dashboard. An advertiser can even get the reports emailed to his/her email account.

What makes Adcash the best network for Publishers?

Adcash for PublishersNot only the advertisers are benefited with Adcash, but even the publishers can get the best out of it. Adcash offers every possible feature to its publishers to maximize the revenue earned through their website. A publisher can simply monetize his/her blog with Adcash ads and make a decent income. Some of the ultimate benefits provided by Adcash ad network to the publishers are listed below:

  • Dashboard: Adcash offers a multipurpose dashboard to its users making the navigation simple for them. You can easily track the ad performance directly from the dashboard and monitor your earnings. You can even go through the learning center to get acquainted with Adcash in a better way.
  • Easy Setup: A user just needs to register and wait to get the approval. Once your application has been approved, you can start making decent money with the ads.
  • Multilingual Website: Adcash offers its services in 8 different languages – English, French, Portuguese, German, Italian, Spanish, Turkish, and Chinese.
  • Reports: You can easily get the detailed reports and statistics about your earnings, ad performance, and other important stats. You can optimize the ads by tracking the real-time performance of your ads. You can choose to send the reports to your email id at a specific time using Adcash dashboard.
  • Defeat the Ad-blockers: Adcash is proficient enough to bypass the ad-blockers with a success rate of up to 98%. This means that a user can see the advertisements on your website even after installing the Ad-blocker apps.
  • Support: The skilled support staff at Adcash ensures that every user is served with the best possible solution to his/her query. You even get a dedicated account manager after getting the approval. The support staff welcomes the query 24X7.
  • Payments: The payment criterion is really simple. It follows NET-30 policy. The minimum threshold amount is 100Euros. You can receive the payments through WebMoney, Skrill, Payoneer, and even through Wire Transfer.

Over to You

If you were searching for the best Google Adsense alternative over a long time, Adcash has emerged as the best choice for you. It offers a variety of ad formats to the publishers to optimize these units according to different devices and to the advertisers for targeting different types of audiences. A dedicated account manager is given to both the publishers as well as the advertisers to help them in optimizing the ad units and helping them to get maximum results out of a campaign respectively. Try it now!

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